A New Manson Family Murder Movie May Be Headed Your Way

A new Manson family movie may be headed your way, according to new reports by Deadline. According to the latest scoop, Quentin Tarantino is putting together an ensemble to star in an untitled film that will portray the gruesome cult murders that have become known as the end of the summer of love.

Charles Manson orchestrated the murders that occurred on 10050 Cielo Drive on August 9, 1969. Hollywood actress Sharon Tate, who was nine-months pregnant with her first child, a son with husband Roman Polanski. The baby was murdered in utero and was named Paul Richard Polanski. Sharon Tate was 26-years-old when she was murdered.

According to Deadline, actress Margot Robbie is being tapped by Tarantino to play Tate. The report also names actors Samuel Jackson, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence are in talks to play a role in the film. Keep in mind, this is in the gossip stage and nothing has been confirmed.

What do you think about another Manson family murder movie? Would you watch it?