Powerball jackpot winners sued

Winning the Powerball jackpot might be a dream come true, but it is also the stuff that nightmares are made out of.  Horror stories of one kind and another frequently follow the news that someone has won the Powerball. Sometimes winners of the Powerball just deal with family and friends crawling out of the woodwork to beg for loans and cash gifts. Other times troubled relationships crumble and the financial windfuall is too much to keep a struggling relationship together. Other horror stories are much more horrific. Sometimes they involve the worst cases of betrayal, even elaborately planned and detailed acts of murder.
The Powerball winners who won $1.58 billion in the Jan. 13, 2016,  Powerball drawing are now facing their own issues Shortly after winning the jackpot, a man named Jonathan Lee Riches (aka. Jihadi Schitz) filed a lawsuit claiming that part of their winnings belongs to him.

You can read the full court document filed by Riches below.