San Bernardino mass shootings, ISIS terrorism and gun control

How do you feel after the San Bernardino mass shootings? Do you feel that ISIS terrorism is a growing threat in the United States? Do you think Americans need more or less gun control?  While there are many debates currently underway, there are many who feel that though it would be nice to live in a peaceful society without guns, it's at the point where it is simply impossible.

San Bernardino Shooting Victims

Are we at the point that all citizens (who are in their right mind, and without violent, criminal pasts), should be trained in using weapons and practice carrying them at all times?

Do you feel afraid to go out in public places or attend major, public events since the Paris attacks and San Bernardino mass shootings? Do you think that ISIS attacks and outright terrorism in America will increase or decrease? Would you feel safer in a movie theater with two, professionally trained armed guards, or a theater full of people with legal, concealed weapons? There's no doubt that those who are involved in terror attacks without the ability to arm themselves are sitting ducks. There's no guarantee that if you were carrying a weapon during an act of terror that you would be able to defend yourself or others in times, but it sure seems better to be armed than to be unarmed.

What do you think? What are your thoughts? Do you think America needs more gun control or more armed citizens carrying concealed weapons?

Does America have so many enemies that the common, regular citizen needs to be armed during his or her day to day events as a matter of self defense?

Check out this video with attorney Lisa Bloom as she shares very low statistics regarding terrorism. It's interesting to point out that most feel those statistics are about to change.

Lisa Bloom stated, "But, I think the fear thing is so important. Because everybody in the media, not this show, but fear, fear, fear. I tweeted all the statistics today. You are more likely to be killed by a toddler than a terrorist in the U.S. You are more likely to be crushed to death by your

T.V. than killed by a terrorist. You have a one in 20 million chance in the U.S. to be killed by a terrorist. It is extremely low."