Jodi Arias latest news update: Trial, penalty phase, and new look (videos)

There's plenty going on in the Jodi Arias trial. Jodi has returned to court for the retrial of the penalty portion of her first-degree murder conviction. Arias was convicted on May 8, 2013, for the June 4, 2008, stabbing and shooting death of her lover Travis Alexander.

On May 16, 2013, the Jodi Arias trial entered the penalty phase. The jury had already determined that Arias murdered Travis Alexander in a cruel, heinous, and depraved manner. The jury would then determine whether Arias should serve a sentence of life in prison or receive the death penalty for her crimes.
After hearing accounts of abuse at Alexander's hands, impact testimony from Alexander's loved ones, and testimony from Jodi Arias herself, the jury deadlocked on Arias' sentencing. Arias portrayed herself as a domestic abuse survivor and spoke of the positive things she could do in jail if given a
Jodi Arias speaks to the jury
life sentence. She also stated that receiving the death penalty would be extremely painful for her family members, including her younger siblings. The penalty phase concluded on May 23, 2010, after eight jurors voted for Arias to receive the death penalty and four ruled in favor of a life sentence.

On Monday, Sept. 29, 2014, the Jodi Arias penalty phase began. The first week was spent screening jurors in hopes of finding an impartial jury to seat. Due to the media frenzy that surrounded the first trial, many jurors have been eliminated. Some have questioned if it will be possible to find an impartial jury.

The Arizona Republic reported on Sept. 29, that jurors were being dismissed in droves. According to the report, prospective jurors were given a questionnaire that was used to determine impartiality to Arias and the case. The report stated that 1/3 of 300 or 167 potential jurors were quickly eliminated.

Jodi Arias also arrived in court sporting a shorter hairstyle. You may see a Twitter photo shared by user HodiH081 below.

If you noticed that Jodi Arias is wearing new glasses you're correct. In fact, on Sept. 14, 2014, she auctioned her glasses on her official website:, then donated $980 to an Arizona food bank charity: St. Mary's Food Bank. Arias sells her artwork online and has donated some of the proceeds to charity. There is no doubt that Arias continues to do whatever she can to strive to the jury her life should be spared and that she is still a valuable member of society that can do good for others.

Jodi Arias in court Oct. 1, 2014

Photo from Jodi
There has been great debate over whether Arias should be allowed to donate money to charities and whether non-profit groups should accept money from convicted murderers. What is your opinion? Do you think St. Mary's Food Bank should have rejected nearly $1,000 because it came from Arias?

In addition to selling artwork, prints, and glasses, Jodi Arias has a Twitter account run by a friend.

On Oct. 1, 2014, Jodi Arias released a tweet regarding jury selection. She stated that she felt like a lamb going to the slaughter.

The choice of comparison is rather interesting and some might say insensitive as she was found guilty of slaughtering Travis Alexander and nearly beheaded him. Jodi Arias stabbed Travis Alexander 27 times and slashed his jugular vein, windpipe, and carotid artery. She also stabbed him in the heart.

Reporter Jen Wood has been in the courtroom every day, and appeared on HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell to describe her experiences first hand. Interesting is that she stated Arias arrived in court wearing pigtails. Additionally, she said that when the excluded jurors left the courtroom, they spoke to media and said they believed Arias should be put to death. You may see video from JVM below.

Additionally, Jodi Arias' defense for the first trial has cost Arizona tax payers a whopping $2, 589, 890. This is not counting the cost of the penalty phase retrial. Needless to say, many tax payers are outraged at the substantial cost spent on Jodi Arias.

In other recent news, Jodi Arias' attorneys filed a motion on Wed. Oct. 1, 2014, to have the death penalty taken off the table due to a number of allegations of misconduct. Included in the motion were complaints that the wife of key witness Detective Flores released sensitive information on Twitter.  The defense also alleges that Prosecutor Juan Martinez repeatedly engaged in misconduct including harassing witnesses and withholding pertinent information from lawyers. While it is unclear if the motion will impact the jury or successfully result in the death penalty's removal before the penalty trial b

Jodi Arias Motion to Dismiss Oct 1st Jodi Arias is Innocent Com

egins testimony, it may be a crucial aspect of any future appeals.

You may read the motion to dismiss below.