Charisse Van Horn returning to crime news

Maybe you noticed I haven't been blogging consistently regarding crime news. Let me explain a bit about what happened.
Charisse Van Horn: Crime and Courts News

I began covering crime news in 2008, and in 2009 focused on crime stories full time. I became the Tampa Crime Examiner and followed some of Florida's most horrific crime stories. From 2009-2013, crime was my number one journalistic topic. This meant covering the Casey Anthony trial, Jodi Arias trial and George Zimmerman trial non-stop. These trials were in addition to the missing children

I needed to take some time away from looking at crime scene photos, having my heart broken in pieces over the extreme brutality and violence children are facing on a daily basis and watching criminals fall through loopholes and essentially getting off free and clear.

From 2009-2013, I was plagued with nightmares, dreams about children from cases I followed and wrote about, and even began dreaming that I was conversing with murder victims. It was simply too much and I felt myself entering a dark period that focused more on the evils of life than its beauty.

I took a break...a long break...a break for 15 months.

I'm now ready to return to writing crime news and will begin with daily coverage on this blog again.

It's interesting how the Jodi Arias trial was a heavy focus of this blog and now I'm returning as she begins the penalty phase of her trial. Though there isn't any live coverage available, we will have access to court videos after the verdict is read. We expect it to be approximately mid December. Once those videos are released, I will dive into them here.
cases, sexual abuse cases, kidnappings and murder stories. By the time George Zimmerman was found not guilty in July 2013, I needed a break.

There have been many missing children cases since I took my break and I did share those on my Amber Alerts and Missing Children Cases Facebook page; but for the most part, I needed to step back, focus on my children, and just get my mind, emotions, and spirit in a healthier realm.

You really can't focus, view and familiarize yourself with so many hideous details without having it affect you.

But, I'm back. I'm here. I'm writing again and though I stepped away for a bit, I never stopped praying for justice to those who need it.

So, if you're still here, thank you for waiting for my return.

Charisse Van Horn