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Trial of Oscar Pistorius

Palace of Justice, Church Square

The trial of Oscar Pistorius is taking place in South Africa. It started on Monday 3 March 2014.
Oscar Pistorius is a leading South African runner, who won attention as an athlete with a disability competing at a high level, including multiple Paralympic Games and the 2012 Summer Olympics. His girlfriend was Reeva Steenkamp, a model and television personality.
In the early morning of Thursday, 14 February 2013, Steenkamp was shot and killed by Pistorius at his Pretoria home.[1][2][3][4] Pistorius was taken into police custody and was formally charged with murder in a Pretoria court on 15 February.[5][6][7]

Bail Hearing

The bail hearing commenced on 19 February under Chief Magistrate of Pretoria Desmond Nair.[1][8] During the hearing, both prosecution and defence said that Pistorius had fired four shots through a locked bathroom door, hitting Steenkamp three times inside the bathroom.[9][10] Prosecutor Gerrie Nel claimed that Pistorius had put on his prosthetic legs, walked across his bedroom to the bathroom, and intentionally shot Steenkamp through the door.[9][11] Nel argued that the time required for this process was sufficient to establish the alleged murder as premeditated.[12] Pistorius said that he had thought Steenkamp was in the bed, and that the person in the bathroom was an intruder. He also said he had not put on his prosthetics before shooting into the bathroom.[9]
Chief investigating officer Hilton Botha said at the bail hearing that a witness had heard gunshots coming from Pistorius' home and then a female screaming followed by more gunshots; he initially said the witness was 600 metres away, but later said the distance was 300 metres.[13] Botha also said the trajectory of the gunshots indicated that they had been fired downward and directly toward the toilet, seemingly conflicting with Pistorius' statement that he was not wearing his prosthetics at the time.[14] He acknowledged that procedural mistakes had been made during the crime scene investigation and that police had found no evidence inconsistent with the version of events presented by Pistorius, adding later that equally nothing contradicted the police version either.[13][14] On 22 February, Botha was removed from the case following revelations that he was facing attempted murder charges stemming from a 2009 incident. Botha was replaced by Vineshkumar Moonoo, described as "the most senior detective" in the South African Police Service.[15]
On the first day of the bail hearing, Magistrate Nair ruled that for the purposes of the bail hearing Pistorius was charged with a Schedule 6 criminal offence, which relates to serious crimes including premeditated murder and requires exceptional circumstances for release on bail.[16][17] On 22 February, at the conclusion of the four-day bail hearing, Magistrate Nair said that the state had not convinced him that Pistorius posed a flight risk and fixed bail at R1 million (US$113,000).[18] On 4 June the court case was postponed to allow time for further investigation until a hearing at Pretoria Magistrate's Court on 19 August,[19][20]when Pistorius was formally indicted on two charges of murder and the illegal possession of ammunition. The indictment noted that even if Pistorius was mistaken in the identity of the person he shot, the intention was to kill. Dates for a trial to be held at the Gauteng Division of the High Court were set from 3 to 20 March 2014.[21][22][23]
In late June 2013, Pistorius returned to training, reportedly looking much thinner and wearing a beard. His agent said that it was a very emotional experience for Pistorius and that returning had been a "bittersweet" moment for him.[24]

Media Coverage

Time published a cover story titled Pistorius And South Africa's Culture of Violence in 11 March 2013 issue of the magazine,[25][26] and Vanity Fair published a feature story about the incident in the Crime section of their June 2013 issue.[27] On 11 March 2013, BBC Three aired an hour long documentary about the incident titled Oscar Pistorius: What Really Happened?Discovery Networks International acquired the broadcasting rights to the programme, which will be titled Blade Runner: The Untold Story in the United States.[28][29] On 3 June 2013, Channel 5 aired two consecutive hour long documentaries titled Why Did Oscar Pistorius Kill Our Daughter? and Pistorius Trial: The Key Questions.[30][31][32][33]
On 29 January 2014, it was announced that South African satellite pay-channel DStv would launch a 24-hour channel covering the Oscar Pistorius trial.[34] On 25 February 2014, Judge President Dunstan Mlambo ruled in the High Court in Pretoria that the entire trial may be broadcast live via audio and that parts of the trial may be broadcast live via television, namely the opening and closing arguments, the testimony of consenting state witnesses, the judgement, and the sentencing if applicable.[35][36]

Murder Trial

Pistorius is also facing two additional charges of firing a gun in a public space.[37] The trial was assigned to Judge Thokozile Masipa,[38] who appointed two assessors to assist her.[39]
The trial commenced on 3 March 2014 in the High Court in Pretoria. Pistorius pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him, including murder and several gun-related charges.[40][41]
On the first and second day of the trial, witnesses testified to hearing sounds of arguing that lasted about an hour followed by what were described as a woman's screams and gunshots on the night Steenkamp died.[42][43][44][45]
On the morning of day three, the defence resumed the cross examination of witnesses claiming to have heard a woman's screams and gunshots. The defence sought to establish that this was in fact Pistorius screaming for help and that the "explosive sounds" heard was the door to the toilet being battered down. In the afternoon the prosecution continued with testimony relating to an incident when a shot was fired in a restaurant the year previously.[46][47][48]
On the fourth day, Pistorius' neighbour, Johan Stipp, testified that he found Pistorius praying over Steenkamp's body when he went over to help after being woken by what he described as the sound of gunshots and a woman screaming. Stipp said that the first thing he remembered Pistorius saying when he saw him was "I shot her. I thought she was a burglar. I shot her." Stipp also testified that the light was on in the bathroom and he saw a figure moving as a woman screamed.[49][50][51]


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