Ebony Wilkerson case: Latest News, Twitter updates on Mom who Drove Kids into Ocean (press conference videos)

Ebony Wilkerson faces three charges of attempted murder and two counts of child abuse after driving her van into the ocean on March 4, 2014, while her three children remained inside. The incident occured in Volusia County, Florida. Her children were ages 10, 9, and 3. She is currently pregnant.

Wilkerson appeared in court for a bond hearing on Saturday, March 8, 2014. A public defender who represents her argued that her client didn't pose pose a flight risk. The assistant state attorney countered that not only was Wilkerson a flight risk, but she posed a danger to herself and her unborn child. Bond was set at $1.2 million. Wilkerson's children are in DCF custody while authorities provide background checks on family members in order to find a stable, safe home for them. You may find the latest news and Twitter updates regarding the case below.

Ebony Wilkerson Mugshot

Ebony Wilkerson Arrest Affidavit

Ebony Wilkerson Arrest Affidavit

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