The sensationalism of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman has created a firestorm of controversy and we aren't even talking about the shady events that led to the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Wherever Zimmerman goes, and whatever he does, he seems to bring a trail of police activity with him, and amazingly gets off every time. You would think he was a champion football know...a "Heisman Trophy" winner or something. The way Zimmerman behaves, with no regard for the law (such as

Normal people don't do this. Normal people don't kill teenagers, get out of jail free, then get busted not once, but twice for speeding weeks after the nightmare of the "constant spotlight" is seemingly over.
repeatedly speeding after killing a teenager and getting off scot-free), you would think he was someone of celebrity status. Celebrities do this stuff-- the Lindsay Lohans, the Amanda Bynes...this is right up their alley.  And, yes...of course they are screwed up...but isn't George Zimmerman?

At least Casey Anthony learned how to keep her head out of public view.

What Zimmerman is doing is something rather unbelievable, and a bit scary, I do say. It shows a brazen personality with absolutely no regard for the law. I say this to all those who would discredit the statement by saying "What law. George Zimmerman is innocent, he can have a gun?"

Last time I checked, speeding was against the law. Yes, it's a traffic violation, but it is still against the law, and Zimmerman has proved he cannot abide by the rules. The first time he was "caught" breaking the rules, he was given a warning instead of a ticket, his face was plastered on TMZ and the only person investigated for doing anything wrong was the cop who stopped him.

Zimmerman didn't learn a lesson; he didn't stop speeding. He got caught again.

I've always had a theory about people who speed repeatedly. They think they are above the law, they don't have respect for other drivers, and think their needs are more important than others (that's why they break laws and endanger other drivers to get where they are going).

Zimmerman has no respect for the law, because he is a celebrity now. He's used to getting off scot-free, even if he kills someone. He has been involved in domestic abuse and stalking incidents, and got off scot free. He commits crimes and people flood him with so much money, he can now enjoy a life of wealth and leisure. He is trying to get more money from the state of Florida.

Forget Trayvon Martin's family trying to be compensated for the loss of their son, Zimmerman is the one who goes out and kills a boy and turns a profit.

It is unfathomable to me that anyone gave that man one red cent, and if Shellie Zimmerman pockets it all...then it serves them right. Let her win half that "defense fund" in her divorce settlement.

Trayvon Martin's family should file a wrongful death, civil suit before that money is gone, if you ask me. Though it might complicate the divorce proceedings and I think the best thing for Shellie Zimmerman is to get as far away from George Zimmerman as possible.

Will George Zimmerman get in trouble again?

Absolutely. Anyone who can't figure out how to drive the speed limit after supposedly "suffering" from intense scrutiny, living in a bubble (due to fear of your life and the spotlight) or who is trying to get their life on track, is going to mess up again.

This is who George Zimmerman is. He is above the law. He is never punished for his behavior. He has become untouchable and invincible.

And he has his gun.