Will Jodi Arias face death penalty in a new trial? Latest update as Arias heads back to court (videos)

Jodi Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder for the June 4, 2008, slashing, stabbing and shooting death of her lover Travis Alexander on May 8, 2013. A jury of her peers believed she murdered Alexander in a particularly cruel manner; yet couldn't come to a conclusion whether the 33-year-old should be put to death; spend the rest of her natural life in prison; or even have the possibility of one day
Jodi Arias appears to give a throat-slicing motion in court
making parole. While Arias was found guilty in the criminal or guilt phase of the trial; a mistrial was declared for the sentencing phase. Under Arizona law, Arias will face a second jury panel that will review the details of her case and deliberate regarding the appropriate sentence for the convicted murderer. Should the second jury also be hung; the ruling judge will determine Arias' fate.

Arias' case returns to court on August 26, 2013, for a status hearing in which it will be determined whether the prosecution will move forward with a new trial or come to a predetermined resolution that is in agreement with Travis Alexander's family's wishes.

Judge Sherry Stephens ruled against a defense motion that would have taken the death penalty off the table in the case. As it now stands; Arias continues to face the death penalty. There is a possibility that the sentencing trial could begin in September 2013; we'll know more after the August 26, 2013 hearing.

Meanwhile; Jodi Arias continues to update her Twitter account through friends and has announced a jailhouse book club she started.

Stay tuned as we'll have all the Jodi Arias latest updates and case news following the August 26, 2013, hearing.