California Amber Alert prompted after family friend allegedly murders mother, child (videos, photos)

On August 3, 2012, Ethan and Hannah Anderson's grandparents reported the children missing. By August 4, 2013, the home Christina Anderson lived in with her temporality out-of-town husband and two children at 2071 Ross Avenue, Boulevard,  CA, was ablaze. Authorities found her deceased body along with the body of a child in the ruins. On August 5, 2013, a California Amber Alert was issued for Hannah Anderson and Ethan. Authorities have not speculated on the identification of the child's remains found in the home; but family members have suggested they believe it is Ethan. Authorities issued the Amber Alert nationwide and have issued a felony warrant for the immediate arrest of James "Jim" DiMaggio. Authorities have described him as a close, family friend. James DiMaggio owned the home.

Ethan and Hannah Anderson Latest News, Updates

Hannah Anderson's close friend has since come public saying that the 16-year-old, pretty blonde, confided in her that "Uncle Jim" revealed he had a crush on her. The disclosure left  her feeling uncomfortable and not wanting to spend time alone with the alleged kidnapper and murderer.

Did she resist his attempts of pursual; therefore DiMaggio acted in this horrific manner?

The children's father, Brett Anderson, was out of town at the time of the murder and abduction and has issued a public plea for DiMaggio to release Hannah. He also told Hannah if she gets a chance to escape to take it. You may see the video from the press conference below.

Please view this updated photo of James "Jim" DiMaggio without facial hair.

James DiMaggio without facial hair