Why my kids would have beat up George Zimmerman too

I'm from a different world...I live in a world where strangers pull kids into cars and murder them. Where Sunday School teachers take little girls, drug them and kill them in church.

I live in a world where serial killers kidnap and rape little boys then dismember them so their fathers spend decades trying to find out what happened to their child.

I live in a world where I have taught my kids that you do not have to stop for strangers. I tell them if a
stranger tries to ask you for directions you get away. If someone you don't know tries to grab you, you run for your life, scream fire or fight like hell.

I do not live in a world where people can appoint themselves as the neighborhood watch patrol and then walk the streets with a concealed gun, thinking that anyone they come in contact with has to stop and do what they tell them to do.

If Zimmerman were in my neighborhood, I would have held a meeting to get him to stop following the kids because to me, that is creepy behavior. Just because you tell everyone you are "watching the neighborhood" doesn't make me trust you.

Zimmerman was a stranger running after Trayvon. If Zimmerman ran after one of my kids, I do believe my husband would have beat the crap out of him. My husband would not sit idly by and let some strange man in the neighborhood chase after my kids, regardless of "what authority" he said he had to do it.

Zimmerman had no right to follow Trayvon Martin. NO RIGHT IN THE WORLD. And with all the classes of stranger danger, most kids in this country have been taught since Pre-K that if a stranger chases you, you fight for your life.

You need to think about that when judging Trayvon for fighting. If Zimmerman came after your child, I guarantee your child would have fought back.

Pedophiles put themselves in positions of authority to gain the trust of others...I would have specifically taught my children to stay away from the likes of Zimmerman because he would have immediately fit into my "possible pedophile profile."

If Zimmerman had come after one of my kids, they would never have stood there, waited for him and talked to him.

They would have fought him off like bloody hell. He isn't a cop. He doesn't have a badge. He had and has no right to stop kids and interrogate them.

My prayers are with Trayvon's parents and I truly believe that whatever progress has been made in this country with civil rights, has been undone with this verdict.

There is no grown man who would have let Zimmerman chase after their daughter and get away with it. Why in the world was he allowed to chase after Travyon?