Why I believe the state did a terrible job in the George Zimmerman trial (videos)

I have diligently watched the George Zimmerman trial since day one. Like many, I felt from the beginning that Zimmerman would be acquitted. I hoped that the jury would be hung, therefore another set of prosecutors could get in there and possibly win this case and give Trayvon Martin the justice he and his family deserved. I was actually taken aback by how horrible the prosecution did in the George Zimmerman trial; so much so, that I began to entertain the notion that the entire system
was orchestrated by the KKK and I was watching a sham performance.

I mean...it was just that bad.

My head couldn't wrap around how the justice system could pick jurors in order to get a fixed result though. I thought about that fantastic movie with John Cusack and Rachel Weisz Runaway Jury. I thought, they have a 6 panel jury of 5 white women and one described as "other"...maybe she was the stealth juror in there to make sure he was acquitted. I honestly couldn't figure it out, but my point is, I didn't believe justice was going to work, I didn't believe the state did a good job in this case, and I believe the jury delivered the wrong verdict.

My main issue with the state is that they gave in to the defense theory about George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin in self-defense. In my opinion, I think the state let the defense hijack the trial from the beginning.

I think the state should have focused on a few things ONLY and really, never should have addressed self-defense at all.

I think the state should have opened with the 911 call and that Zimmerman showed ill-will and hate through the words he spoke, "F@#(*&g punks and these @$$holes always get away." I think those statements should have been brought up every day as a way of highlighting to the jury that Zimmerman had profiled Trayvon from the beginning.

Also, I think more attention should have been given to Zimmerman following Trayvon as HE ADMITTED in the 911 call. I don't think the state should have put on witnesses to discredit who was screaming for help at all. I don't think it was important. Really, I don't.

I don't think the state should have even entertained the defense's theory of stand-your-ground but instead showed how Zimmerman perpetrated this attack by profiling Trayvon then following him.

They should have harped on it and driven home the fact that anything that transpired between Trayvon and Zimmerman physically ONLY occurred as a result of him following him, as he admitted.

I believe if the jury had it in their head that Zimmerman profiled, followed and put fear into Trayvon, then a guilty verdict would have been had...that is...as long as this wasn't a sham trial, because honestly. I'm not so sure.