Why Department of Justice should try George Zimmerman in civil rights case

The Department of Justice can try George Zimmerman for violating Trayvon Martin's civil rights, and I believe that they should. After Zimmerman was acquitted on July 13, 2013, for the Feb. 26, 2012, shooting death of the unarmed 17-year-old, civil rights leaders called for the Department of Justice to pick up the case. There is one very important reason why they should: Judge Debra Nelson banned the use of "racial profiling" throughout the trial.

Not only did George Zimmerman racially profile Trayvon Martin when he called 911 to report a suspicious black male wandering around in the rain, but he chased after him. Regardless of what Florida thinks, it is actually against the law to stalk,  harass and then kill people. Trayvon Martin had
every right in the world to walk back to his father's fiancee's house after buying Skittles at 7-11 for his soon-to-be stepbrother. He had every right to wear a hoodie in the rain and to talk on the phone to his friend, Rachel Jeantel. He had every right to walk back without being racially profiled, reported to the police and followed by a self-appointed, neighborhood watchperson carrying a concealed weapon.

We know that Trayvon Martin knew Zimmerman was following him, because when George Zimmerman called 911 he told the dispatcher, "He's just staring. Now he's staring at me." This lets us know that Zimmerman and Martin had made eye contact while Zimmerman was on the phone. (Yes, I know that's repetitive, but some people just aren't getting this).

Please, get the visual here. Zimmerman had made eye-contact with Trayvon while speaking on the phone to 911.

Zimmerman continues, Yeah, now he’s coming toward me. He’s got his hands in his waist band.

And he’s a black male." Okay, are we supposed to assume that because he has his hands in his waist band he is carrying a weapon? Notice Zimmerman repeats, "And -- he's a black male.

 Zimmerman continues, "Something’s wrong with him. Yep, he’s coming to check me out. He’s got something in his hands. I don’t know what his deal is."

Now, Zimmerman thinks Trayvon has a weapon, and he thinks Trayvon is coming to check him out. I find the next part of the 911 call absolutely fascinating and telling. Zimmerman then says, "These assholes. They always get away."

He says "they always get away" before he says that Trayvon is running. Here we have several things to consider. If  Trayvon was coming at him, then why did he run away?

Let's suppose for a minute that Zimmerman thought (like he speculated in his own words) that Trayvon had a weapon. Does this mean Zimmerman just stood there staring back at him? Did Zimmerman maybe raise up his shirt and show Trayvon what he had in his waistband?

Could Zimmerman possibly have done something to make Trayvon run away? The very fact that Zimmerman said he and Trayvon made eye contact, that Trayvon was moving towards him, then ran away, shows that Trayvon was not pursuing Zimmerman. The idea that Trayvon would make eye contact with Zimmerman, run away from him, then turn around and pursue him is absurd. If Trayvon were going to attack Zimmerman, he would have done it when he was moving towards him. He wouldn't run away.

Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon, he thought he had a weapon, their eyes locked, Trayvon moved towards Zimmerman then for some reason, ran away from him.

Not only did Zimmerman say that Trayvon ran, but he ran towards the back entrance. Zimmerman then followed him.

The state of Florida failed Trayvon Martin. They chose a jury of all women, five of whom were white women. This was not a jury of Trayvon's peers. Judge Nelson rushed the entire case through and refused to let the state mention racial profiling.

The D.O.J. absolutely needs to pick up this case. Zimmerman's "stand your ground" claim is absurd. He explained what happened. Trayvon saw him, moved towards him, then ran away to the back entrance.

Zimmerman needs to be held accountable for killing Trayvon Martin.