Taking a break from the blog

As you know, I am outraged over the Zimmerman not-guilty verdict. Some of you shared your contempt with me on Facebook and other networks; others took to this blog to explain why you felt Zimmerman was justified in shooting an unarmed teenager.

As a Floridian, I followed the Casey Anthony trial, moved on to the Jodi Arias case with daily updates, then went straight to Zimmerman. As someone who is not only a Floridian, but a mixed-race Floridian and an ancestor of the first U.S. black senator Blanche Bruce, I have always taken matters of racism more than personal. I feel compelled to stand up for racial injustice and my blood literally boils over the rampant racism that permeates this southern state.

Some were upset when I chose to violate free speech principles and not publish comments that attacked my views or opinions. Oh well. Get over it. This is my blog. If you want to spout off your racist, hateful banter, you can do it somewhere else. Others were furious when I suggested that the Sanford Police Department could be infiltrated with KKK members. I point you to this article by the Palm Beach Post.

Seminole County, Florida, and more specifically Sanford, Florida has an extensive racist history. I would dare say the city was founded in roots of racism. The only thing that I take comfort in following this travesty of justice is that the Sanford P.D. now has a black police chief. I also believe that is the sole reason that utter chaos did not break out in Sanford. If anything, now that Chief Smith is at the helm, there is hope that there will be fewer Trayvon's slaughtered on suburban lawns.

But I digress...back to my decision to take a break from this blog. I was so upset over the verdict and the circus that I witnessed (could the state of Florida have been any less prepared trying Zimmerman; why, it was almost as if they wanted to lose the case, that I suffered a three-day migraine headache. This wasn't just an ow-my-head-hurts-give-me-an-advil-headache, but a non-stop, three day torture session of pain-filled nights derived of all sleep. My eyes were sunken in with deep, black bags so that you could literally see my headache.

The same injustice that I watched in Florida break out in the Casey Anthony trial surfaced and I suffered physically for it.

If you followed my Tampa Crime articles then you are aware of how I reported on Casey Anthony and my pledge to stay current with her court news. If you are interested in the Casey Anthony case and any upcoming civil trials, you may follow here. Casey Anthony Latest News. Until then; I am taking a break.

I may...may...return for the Jodi Arias sentencing trial in September. That gives me plenty of time to clear my mind from crime.

I have looked at one too many autopsy photos, covered one too many missing children stories (though, you really can't cover them enough), but have followed so much heartbreaking stories that I have wept over victims, cried from my gut for the pain and agony people like Mark Lunsford have gone through and have experienced dreams where dead victims are speaking to me.

I simply need a break.

I need to focus on lighter, happier subjects; though it seems the harder I try; the more injustice cries out to me.

But that is okay. I need this break. I'm taking this break.

See you in September.

Let's just consider this my own, personal blackout for Trayvon Martin.