Photos: Reports say cops in riot gear, planes flying over Hollywood as Trayvon Martin protests gain momentum (videos)

It looks like the protest declaring justice for Trayvon Martin are heating up in California, of all places. While Florida has yet to see the outbreak of violent riots or protests that were expected, several Twitter reports have come in saying cops in Hollywood, L.A. areas and Oakland, California have been in riot gear maintaining peace and order. One Twitter user sarcastically blamed Florida for
Protesters demand justice for Trayvon Martin
messing with the peace in California.

All Alabama reported that L.A.P.D. fired bean bags at protesters in an attempt to disperse crowds.

Protesters gathered in New York's Times Square with bullhorns and empassioned shouts for justice after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the Feb. 26, 2012, shooting death of the unarmed teenager.

Another photo of Times Square gives a better view of just how jam-packed the protests are.

It's interesting to see more police activity and riot gear in California as opposed to Florida. Do you have any idea why protesters seem more virulent in California?Are they more rampant or prone to violence or is that just a twisted, media perception? Are Californians more accustomed to fighting for civil rights then maybe citizens are in Florida? What are your thoughts on what is going on in California regarding the George Zimmerman trial, verdict and quest for justice for Trayvon Martin?