George Zimmerman acquitted: Watch video showing verdict being read (videos)

Late Saturday night, July 13, 2013, a day that the Martin family will always remember, the man who confessed to killing unarmed Travyon Martin walked away a free man. George Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder charges and the lesser included offense of manslaughter. While
many agree that the prosecution did a terrible job presenting their case in an easy-to-follow or coherent manner, the truth of the matter is that Zimmerman falsely profiled an unarmed teenager, followed him, and as a result of his actions, killed him. If Zimmerman had been about his way or minded his own business, Trayvon Martin would be alive.

While a jury of six women (five white) found Zimmerman not-guilty, the reaction nationwide isn't so unanimous. It appears that the case that caused a racial divide across America will continue to polarize race relations at a time when the nation had thought many of the country's racial wounds had healed. The jurors deliberated a total of 16 1/2 hours before clearing Zimmerman of all wrong doing.

What do you think of the verdict?

You may watch the verdict as it was read in the video player below.