Wouldn't it be interesting if one day someone found Jodi Arias' gun (videos)

Though it wouldn't mean a difference to the murder case or Jodi Arias' criminal conviction, it would be interesting if one day someone stumbled upon the weapon used in the Travis Alexander murder. Arias' only states that after she murdered Alexander on June 4, 2008, she was in a fog and drove off and threw the gun
Jodi Arias testifies about gun during murder trial
somewhere in the desert. Though it wasn't confirmed in the trial, many suspect that Arias used a gun she stole from her grandparents' home weeks before the murder.

Check out the video below where prosecutor Juan Martinez grilled Jodi Arias about the gun and knife she used in the murder. Martinez pointed out that since Arias brought the gun with her, she premeditated the murder. Arias claimed the gun belonged to Travis Alexander.