Why didn't George Zimmerman identify himself to Trayvon Martin (videos, photos)

When it comes to discussing the George Zimmerman trial, one of the first remarks people make is why didn't George Zimmerman stay in his vehicle. Most readily agree that he was told there was no need to follow Trayvon Martin and if he felt Martin was suspicious or posed a threat, he could have remained in his vehicle
and let the authorities look for him. Not only did Zimmerman not remain in his vehicle, but it seems that he never approached Martin and identified himself.

If Zimmerman weren't pursuing Martin in an aggressive manner, it seems reasonable that he would have calmly stated who he was and asked Martin why he was in the area.

Do you think that Zimmerman didn't identify himself to Martin because he was overly aggressive, chasing him down, and already operating on the premise that Martin was up to no good and he wasn't going to let him get away?

There is another issue at hand that must be dealt with at the trial and that is of Trayvon Martin speaking on the telephone.

I don't know about you, but one can only imagine if someone were to break into a residence and burglarize it; breaking down doors or windows might be difficult if you are speaking on the phone.

There are phone records that show Trayvon Martin was speaking to his friend
Rachel Jeantel at the time Zimmerman began chasing him. Martin's conversation with Jeantel has been entered into evidence. It stands to reason that someone talking on the phone, carrying Arizona iced tea and a bag of skittles might have difficulty burglarizing or beating someone up.

Zimmerman pursued Trayvon Martin who was walking home from 7-Eleven after buying a bag of candy for his soon-to-be 14-year-old stepbrother. The two had been watching television and playing video games. Martin was on the phone with his friend when he walked back to the Retreat at Twin Lakes.

Zimmerman never gave the boy a chance. He profiled him as a troublemaker who was suspicious, on drugs and ready to burglarize the neighborhood when he had simply bought candy for his friend.

Zimmerman chased him down, terrified him, shot and killed him. 

If Zimmerman truly wanted to find out who Trayvon Martin was in a non-threatening way, he would have simply approached him and introduced himself. We know from the 911 tapes that was not the case.

Warning! Graphic Content! Trayvon Martin death, crime scene photos!