Watch George Zimmerman trial streaming live online June 25, 2013 (videos, twitter)

George Zimmerman returned to the Seminole County court on June 25, 2013, for the second day of his trial before a six-member, all-female jury. Things began earlier than anticipated as the state and defense are arguing whether previous 911 calls made by Zimmerman should be allowed in as evidence.
George Zimmerman evidence photo taken Feb. 27, 2012

The state argues that Zimmerman's previous 911 calls should be admitted before the jury because they show Zimmerman's familiarity with the 911 system and language used by dispatchers. Additionally, the state plans to show the jury Zimmerman's previous activities as a neighborhood watchman. Mark O'Mara argued that it is circumstantial evidence at best and suggested that it is putting Zimmerman's character on trial. O'Mara also suggested the state did not submit the previous 911 calls as evidence through proper methods ie. ten days earlier and with a hearing.

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Watch George Zimmerman Trial Streaming Live Online