Watch George Zimmerman trial live streaming online June 26, 2013 (Twitter updates, videos)

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, George Zimmerman returns to the Seminole County courthouse for the third day of his second-degree murder trial. The state has previously called 10 witnesses to the stand and the six-member, all-female jury saw photos of Trayvon Martin as he lay dead on the ground as well as evidence
photos of the gun Zimmerman used to kill the unarmed 17-year-old on Feb. 26, 2012. There are several issues Judge Nelson is determining rulings on; it is unclear whether those issues will be resolved Wednesday morning. Judge Nelson released the jury on June 25, 2013, after an emotionally gripping day of testimony with instructions for them to return at 9a.m.

The state of Florida argues that George Zimmerman unjustly profiled and followed Trayvon Martin, rather than waiting for authorities to arrive on the scene. The state has submitted multiple 911 calls from the previous six months before the killing as evidence that Zimmerman, a volunteer, neighborhood watchman, was becoming frustrated with the amount of crime in his neighborhood and frequently called authorities to investigate what he described as suspicious, young black males.

The photos of Travon Martin caused many in the public to have an emotional response. Martin's father, Tracy Martin left the courtroom when they were shown.

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(This stream is from local Florida news. It will stream the full George Zimmerman trial online while in session. During off trial hours, the stream will air local news as broadcasted over the air). George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for the Feb. 26, 2012, shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin.