Watch George Zimmerman trial: Defense opens with tasteless knock-knock joke (videos)

Snap! Oh no they didn't! Oh yes they did, they really did. What pray tell am I talking about? Why the defense strategy of following John Guy's heart wrenching, opening statements in the George Zimmerman trial with a ....da da duh...wait for it...knock-knock joke.


Knock-knock joke. I'm not kidding.

John Guy watches as Don West tells a knock-knock joke

As if the murder of a 17-year-old, unarmed black person in the heart of southern-fried, Florida is a laughing matter.

In the video below, you can watch criminal defense attorney Don West tell the off-colored and ill placed joke that is not only out of place, but makes a direct attack at the jury he's going to try to convince of Zimmerman's innocence, but I hope you'll look at something else in the video. Take a good look at John Guy's face while West goes on with the joke. Oh, Guy's look is priceless.

Seriously, I wish there was a ruling the judge could use based upon stupidity. Such as, "Don West, you are sustained from speaking for fear of making any more utterly ridiculous and idiotic statements."

I'll have the full day's trial coverage online tonight, but until then you can watch the first part as well as the George Zimmerman trial live.

What did you think of Don West's knock-knock joke?