Videos: Rachel Jeantel testifies as prosecution's star witness on June 26, 2013

Like many, I was shocked when I tuned in and heard Rachel Jeantel testifying on the stand. I was busy with other things and didn't see her swearing in. If you watch from the beginning of her testimony, you'll notice several things. First, Rachel Jeantel speaks loudly and clearly when answering prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda's questions. By the time she spoke to Zimmerman's criminal defense
attorney Don West, her voice was barely a mumble.

As soon as Rachel Jeantel began to speak about Trayvon Martin going to the store, her voice dropped. It appears she is fighting back tears. The more you watch Rachel testify, the clearer it becomes she is fighting tears and dealing with anger watching Zimmerman and his attorney.

You may watch Rachel Jeantel's testimony in the video below; however, there is a clear difference between her voice from the start of the trial with Bernie de la Rionda and the end with Don West.

Rachel Jeantel stated that Trayvon Martin described Zimmerman as being a "Creepy Ass Cracka" and Jeantel warned him he might be a rapist, when the two discussed why he was following Trayvon.

You may watch Rachel Jeantel's testimony below, as well as the full testimony from June 26, 2013.