Mark O'Mara press conference on George Zimmerman trial: June 14, 2013 (videos, transcript)

Mark O'Mara, criminal defense attorney for George Zimmerman, spoke to the public on June 14, 2013, after jury selection concluded for the day. The following is the video from that press conference as well as the transcript. Mark O'Mara arrives at approximately 4:11.

Mark O'Mara Press Conference June 14, 2013.

Mark O'Mara: Good afternoon guys, how ya doing? Long week, but I think a good week, so. Certainly we're enthused with the fact that one, we're going to get a jury in Seminole county. I know a lot of people had some concerns about whether or
Mark O'Mara speaks during press conference
not we'd actually be able to pick a jury here in Seminole County. And, I know I was  one of the ones who kept saying I thought we would, because we've never failed to pick a jury in Seminole county in the past, even with high-profile cases. And it looks like we're going to get a Seminole county jury to decide a Seminole county case. So, firstly, very happy about that.

Secondly, I know it's slow going to the outside -- it's not slow going to the inside. Those of us who've done this before and know the process and how it needs to happen -- I think it's working out pretty well. So, sorry we're taking more time than I know you'd like us to -- this isn't the fun part of a trial, for media -- but it is a very, very significant, important part for us, so it's going well. We're making good progress.

I'm very happy. The jurors I think for the most part are being very honest and straightforward. This process does not work if jurors don't tell us the truth. And it does work when jurors tell us the truth, so.

I know that we've had some examples where that hasn't been quite what we were expecting from people.  Luckily we were able to identify that. But hopefully the rest of the jurors will continue to tell us the truth, be open and honest with us, and won't let any of those outside influences that we're so concerned about affect how they're going to present themselves to us as jurors because as I've said before, if this -- whatever the verdict is going to be -- if we're going to survive this as a criminal justice system -- not only survive it, but even get more trust from people, not less -- we need to make sure that the jury verdict is believable and it is trusted.

That can only happen if the juror is honest with us to us who are picking them, and honest in their verdict. So, we're at that first stage right now but I'm comfortable we'll get a jury and that they're answering the questions well for us. So, that's where we are.