If George Zimmerman were black and Trayvon Martin were white (photos, trial videos)

As the George Zimmerman trial moves forward sans the words "racial profiling", the factor of race continues to loom over the case. Did George Zimmerman shoot and murder Trayvon Martin because he was on a hunt for suspicious, young black males? On June 25, 2013, court began at 8:30 a.m. so that a hearing could be held before Judge Debra Nelson discussing previous 911 calls made by Zimmerman where he reported suspicious black males in the area. Judge Nelson has yet to rule whether the jury will listen to those calls, but the state hopes to use them to show a pattern to Zimmerman's behavior. As a volunteer, neighborhood watchman who was told not to pursue suspects, Zimmerman frequently reported suspicious black males.
If Trayvon Martin were White

Would Zimmerman have found Trayvon Martin "suspcious" if he were a white male? Would the Sanford Police Department have waited before taking George Zimmerman into custody if he were black and Trayvon Martin were blonde-haired, blue-eyed and listening to One Direction on his iPod?

What do you think? Would things have been different if Trayvon Martin were white and George Zimmerman were black?