George Zimmerman trial: Defense attorney Don West's daughter shares ice cream photo (videos, photos)

On Tuesday, June 25, 2013, one of George Zimmerman's defense attorneys' daughter shared a photo on Instagram that has sparked controversy. Don West is the defense attorney who delivered opening statements and shocked the nation by starting off with a tasteless knock-knock joke. The photo has a caption that states, "We beat stupidity celebration cones" and there is no question as to what they are referencing as the hastags read #Zimmerman and #dadkilledit.

The photo went viral and some drew concern that the image was in reference to
the prosecution's main witness Rachel Jeantel. Since the photo was posted on the 25th and Jeantel didn't testify until the 26th, the snide remark wasn't in direct reference to Jenatel.

The photo and comment sparked such controversy it provoked a response from defense team communications director Sean Vincent.

Vincent stated, "As parents, we are not always proud of the things our children do, then we move on. We understand the context of the comments is grossly insensitive."

Some feel that it is wrong to discuss Molly West's tweet since she is part of the defense's family. West is 20-years-old. What do you think? Is she off limits for public scrutiny?

Check out the video below where CNN's Anderson Cooper weighs in on the ice cream photo controversy.