George Zimmerman trial: Chad Joseph testimony (videos, photos)

On June 24, 2013, Chad Joseph took the stand in the George Zimmerman trial. He was the first witness for the state to testify and he shed light on the nature of Trayvon Martin's activities before Zimmerman followed, shot and killed him.

Chad Joseph takes the stand in the George Zimmerman tiral
Prosecutor John Guy asked direct questions that Chad answered with many simple replies of "yes." Chad Joseph explained that Trayvon Martin left the residence at
Retreat at Twin Lakes where he was visiting Chad and his mother. Chad's mother is Tracy Martin's fiancee.

Chad Joseph is currently 15-years-old. He was 14, at the time Trayvon Martin was shot and killed. Trayvon had invited Chad to walk to the store with him but he declined to stay home and play video games.

Chad said he did not realize that Trayvon had been killed until he came home from school the next day.

Photos from Chad Joseph's Testimony