Yo jury! You're entitled to your opinion! Jodi Arias shocking 'Survivor' shirts in court (videos)

Jodi Arias is anything but boring, but we'll add a dash of arrogance in there just to spice things up. On May 21, 2013, when Jodi Arias delivered a 19-minute, long statement to the jury asking that her life be spared, she held up a "Survivor" tee shirt that she made and hawks on her two official websites: Jodi Arias is Innocent and JodiArias.com.

Without missing a beat, Jodi Arias touched on the fact that the jury recently rejected her domestic abuse/self-defense trial strategy and convicted her of first-degree murder by holding up the tee-shirt that she says the proceeds support domestic abuse victims.

Jodi Arias holds up a "Survivor" tee shirt during court
Arias stated, "Additionally, I designed a t-shirt -- this is the t-shirt -- which 100
percent of the proceeds go to support non-profit organizations which also assist other victims of domestic violence.

"Some people may not believe that I am a survivor of domestic violence. They're entitled to their opinion. I'm supporting this cause because it's very, very important to me."

Wow! What a way to slam the jury, huh? They're entitled to their opinion? It would seem that someone who was begging for their life might not want to challenge the jury on their first verdict.

Jodi Arias has been offering the tee shirts for sale through her Twitter account, operated by Donovan Bering.

I wonder what the jury would think if they had access to Jodi Arias' twitter account and read some of the past tweets.

What do you think about Jodi Arias' demeanor in court?