Why didn't Jodi Arias' family speak at mitigation hearing, penalty phase? (videos)

On May 21, 2013, Jodi Arias stood before the jury that convicted her of first-degree murder and begged them not to sentence her to death. Her friend Patricia Womack was slated to testify on her behalf, but backed out at the last minute. An ex-boyfriend, Darryl Brewer, was prepared to tell the jury for a second time about the woman he loved and shared a home with, a woman he described as very different from the one currently awaiting her sentence for the June 4, 2008,
Jodi Arias speaks to the jury on May 21, 2013
murder of her lover Travis Alexander. He too didn't testify. But most surprising of all, was that not one person in Jodi Arias' family testified on her behalf.

Their absence was contrasted by the remarks made by Jodi Arias. Arias asked the jury not to put her to death, not because she wanted to live, but because her family did.

Yet, her family didn't say one thing on her behalf.

There are several, possible explanations as to why Jodi Arias' family didn't testify on her behalf and there is no way of knowing at this stage why they remained silent.

The first possible explanation is that Jodi Arias is calling all the shots in her trial (and interviews) and didn't want anyone else to testify for her. Since Darryl Brewer was prepared to testify, but didn't, it appears that someone put down the order...no testimony.

Was it Arias or her attorneys who issued the request?

If Arias' attorneys said they didn't want anyone to testify for Arias, the move could call into question their effectiveness should Arias be given death. Could this be a strategy for the appellate phase?

Another possibility is that Arias wants to appear as though she doesn't have family support. She has stated throughout the trial that her parents abused her as a child and emotionally neglected her.

Does the fact that not one person stood up for her when her life was on the line indicate that she is telling the truth? Does she really not have family support?

There is a difference between someone coming to a courtroom to watch a proceeding and someone begging a jury to spare their loved one's life.

Did Jodi Arias tell them not to testify or is it possible they didn't want to?

If Jodi Arias' family refused to testify for her and beg for her life, are they possibly afraid of her? Could they fear the day that by some slim chance, Jodi Arias is released on bail that she returns home and becomes part of their life again?

Whatever the reason, it was clear that no one outside of the case stood up for Jodi Arias and asked the jury to spare her life.

The only people speaking for Jodi Arias is Arias herself and her attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott.