Why did Jodi Arias visit all her ex-boyfriends when Travis Alexander was killed? (live videos)

I do have one question that I would love to ask Jodi Arias.  The states says that Jodi Arias was obsessed with Travis Alexander, sort of a fatal-attraction, if I can't have you, no one else will, type deal. The prosecution countered that Jodi Arias moved away from Arizona to California, and that is indicative that she was not
Jodi Arias listens to closing arguments
the obsessed stalker she has been made out to be.

My question, is why would she plan a trip where she visited so many of her ex-boyfriends?

First, she spent time with Matt McCartney, then Darryl Brewer, then stopped by Travis Alexander's and then Ryan Burns.

This...I simply do not understand.

Maybe because I have never maintained a relationship with someone I ended a relationship with (or vice-versa). I have never "stayed friends" with an ex. Does seeing all of her ex-boyfriends in a one-stop vacation equate to some sort of
Criminal defense attorney Kirk Nurmi fights for Jodi Arias' life
stalker smorgasbord?

Or, is it something benign? Could Arias have been taking a trip down memory lane with all her many lovers and things really just went out of control with Travis?

Would a "psycho stalker" plan or premeditate the murder of one lover and take a trip to visit several other lovers on the journey?

It makes no sense to me at all.

That may be one thing I agree with Kirk Nurmi about...this murder makes no sense.

I really don't understand Jodi Arias at all.

If it were self-defense, then why not call the police afterwards. If it were premeditated, why go about it in such a bizarre way?