Watch Jodi Arias trial streaming live online, May 23, 2013 (videos)

While Jodi Arias trial coverage isn't the same as it was before the guilty verdict was rendered, those following the penalty phase and jury deliberations will find that the live court stream will come on intermittently when there is breaking news.

At this point, the jury has deliberated for 7 hours and 11 minutes and is entering their third day. There is no court tomorrow and Monday is Memorial Day. Will the jury return a verdict in the penalty phase today or will they remain
Jennifer Willmott asks, "Do you kill her?" on May 21, 2013
deadlocked and unable to return a verdict?

Will Jodi Arias be sentenced to the death penalty, life in prison or life with the possibility of parole.

During closing arguments in the penalty phase, criminal defense attorney Jennifer Willmott asked the question succinctly.

With her hands on Jodi Arias' shoulders, she looked at the jury and asked, "Do you kill her?" "That is the question now. Do you kill her?"

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

(live stream from the trial on you mobile device• To watch live video of the Arias trial on your iPhone or iPad, just download the appropriate free app from iTunes. Once the app is installed, just scroll down to the Live Video tile. Tap it to start the stream.
• To watch on Android devices, download the free Ustream app from Google Play. In the Ustream app, click the Search button. Search for azfamily. Tap the the 3TV thumbnail and then click play.