Watch Jodi Arias trial streaming live online, motion for mistrial denied, no witnesses called in death penalty phase (videos, photos)

Watch Jodi Arias Trial live while in session on May 20, 2013. There are fast developments in the Jodi Arias trial. What was supposed to be the final, penalty phase in the trial has turned into a motion for mistrial.

Kirk Nurmi fires back at Judge Stephens, Juan Martinez 
I'm not sure about you, but I think the defense has a valid argument. While I do believe Jodi Arias is 100% guilty, I think she has not received a fair trial.

One of the jurors was dismissed while driving under the influence. Are we really supposed to think that drunk jurors were not watching trial media coverage?

Why in the world wasn't this jury sequestered to begin with? If there was anything that made this an unfair trial was the Judge's decision not to sequester the jury. Give me a break. Do you really think this jury didn't watch ANY media coverage? The only way to be certain would have been for the jury to be sequestered and they should have been.

I think there will be MAJOR issues dealt with during the appellate stage and feel that Judge Stephens has made a number of mistakes during this trial.

To think that this jury should never have been sequestered is ludicrous. Additionally, Jodi Arias' attorneys should have done more to address Jodi Arias' mental health issues and should never have gone with a self-defense strategy. Jodi Arias is not mentally sound. Her parents knew it, her friends knew it, those who knew her with Travis Alexander knew it and it appears Travis Alexander knew it as well.

Anyone with common sense can see that the woman isn't right in the head.

I believe that if Jodi Arias is given the death penalty, there is a strong chance it will be overturned in future appeals.

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