Watch Jodi Arias trial live May 3, 2013, defense closing arguments streaming online (videos)

On May 3, 2013, Jodi Arias returned to the courtroom for her last attempt at winning her freedom from a jury of her peers. Criminal defense attorney Kirk Nurmi led defense closing arguments who stated that Jodi Arias is too smart to plan a covert murder that left a paper trail, witnesses and even a police document that reported the murder weapon stolen.
Jodi Arias watches as her criminal defense attorney Kirk Nurmi tries to save her life on May 3, 2012

Did Jodi Arias premeditate Travis Alexander's murder? If she did premeditate it and made so many careless mistakes, could that be explained by the prosecutor's defense expert who stated she believed Arias had Borderline Personality
Disorder? Could Jodi Arias have made so many mistakes simply because she wasn't thinking clearly and was fueled by rage?

Or will Kirk Nurmi create enough reasonable doubt that Arias is too smart to make so many foolish mistakes, therefore, it was not premeditated? Premeditation is the key for the state winning a first-degree murder conviction with a possible death sentence. If the jury decides that there is reasonable doubt the murder was premeditated, they may find Arias guilty on a lesser charge.

Tune in for all the live action streaming online from the Superior Court in Maricopa, Arizona below.


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