Watch Jodi Arias trial closing arguments with Juan Martinez May 2, 2013 (videos)

On May 2, 2013, Juan Martinez may have sealed Jodi Arias' fate with a phenomenal closing argument that carefully and meticulously demonstrated Arizona's case against the accused murderess. You may see the full day's events
Jodi Arias looks down as Judge Sherry Stephens gives jury instructions.
in the video player below.

Jodi Arias at first appeared disinterested in the proceedings, rarely looking up from her notebook or drawing pad to watch Juan Martinez demonstrate to the jury why they should return a verdict of guilty for the charge of first-degree murder against her. As he continued to explain how she premeditated Travis Alexander's murder, she began to cry with her face and nose turning red. Travis Alexander's family cried continually throughout the day.

There is no question the defense has their work cut out for them tomorrow morning as they present their closing arguments.