Watch Jodi Arias interview: Angry at reporter, calls him a 'hater' and gets an attitude (videos)

Do you ever feel like saying, "Will the real Jodi Arias please stand up?" Yes, it's an homage to the classic television series To Tell The Truth but when it comes to Jodi Arias, you never know which one you're going to get. Is it the one whose family doesn't support her, or supports her so much she must live to spare them grief? Is it the Jodi Arias who wants to live or die? The Jodi Arias who is remorseful and can't look at photos of Travis Alexander shown in court or the
Jodi Arias calls reporter a hater during interview
one who gives the middle finger and then tweets it was in reference to Nancy Grace?

Well, during a media interview with ABC reporter Ryan Owen, a brief glimpse of the real Jodi Arias surfaced and it wasn't pretty. In fact, Arias was full of attitude, shook her head at the no-nonsense reporter and called him a hater.

Ryan Owens didn't pussyfoot around Arias in the slightest. He asked several hard hitting questions, including this one, "So you really are never going to tell the truth about what went down in that bathroom?"

The question obviously took Arias by surprise. She retorted, "I don`t know what you mean by that because I`ve told the truth."

Owens told her flatly, "Okay," when Arias continued.

"I didn`t know that you were a hater when you came to interview me."

The remark in itself shows a clearer view into Arias' demeanor and view of herself. While many readily admit that Arias behaves in a narcissistic manner while in the courtroom, the realization she has classified those around her as haters and possibly fans or supporters shows that she is not remorseful for killing Travis Alexander to the point she has a humble attitude, but is all about herself.

Ownes also challenged her on the fact she has yet to say the words, "I'm sorry," to Alexander's family.

Arias had a denial followed by an explanation to the allegation.

Owens asked, "Why didn't you apologize to them?"

Arias sternly replied, "I did apologize to them."

Owens pushed back, "You never said you were sorry."

"I said that I'm sorry. That I'll never be able to make up for what I did, and that I can never replace their loss," Arias contended.

"But you didn't use the word 'I'm sorry.'" Owens answered.

"Well then, I'm sorry that I didn't say that because certainly I am sorry," Arias stated.

It might seem that Arias' explanation could be the one final answer to the question that has plagued many. She has apologized in so many ways that she neglected to actually use the words "I'm sorry." But Arias didn't leave it there. She then went on to explain why she never said the words, "I'm sorry."

"I think in a sense, the words 'I'm sorry' just seem meaningless, especially when nobody believes what I'm saying anyway."

So what is it?

Did Jodi Arias tell them she's sorry and can't replace their loss, or did she not say she's sorry because they wouldn't believe her?

The truth is that as of May 23, 2013, never once during the trial or Jodi Arias allocution did she utter the words 'I'm sorry' to Travis Alexander's family.

You may watch the video interview below.