Video shows Jodi Arias arriving at jail (videos, photos)

It's not long, but it certainly is interesting. For anyone who has followed the Jodi Arias trial since January, or has followed the murder case since 2008, this video showing Jodi Arias arriving at jail presents a new look at the convicted murderer.

The video footage was captured on May 15, 2013, immediately following the verdict that extreme cruelty was used during the June 4, 2008, murder of Travis
Jodi Arias shackled and chained on May 15, 2013
Alexander. That aggravating factor makes Jodi Arias eligible for the death penalty.

If you watched the video footage from the aggravation phase, you would have noticed Jodi Arias continually speaking to her attorneys. She sure does have a lot to say for someone who wants to die.

Guess that means if she gets the death penalty we won't see any appeals from Arias right?


You know it's just another manipulative tactic on her part. Of course Jodi Arias wants to live.

Give me a break...she has books to write, tweets to twit, noses to powder and artwork to draw and sell.

It looks like Jodi Arias can live a pretty full life behind bars if you ask me.

Death? That woman doesn't want death. This is the woman who can cut her lover's throat nearly decapitating him but winces as soon as a razor touches her flesh in one of the most pitiful suicide attempts known to man.

Here is the video of Jodi Arias shackled and chained walking into the Estrella jail.