Travis Alexander suffered physical and mental pain, anguish and hardship (videos)

On May 15, 2013, a jury of Jodi Arias' peers listened as prosecutor Juan Martinez carefully articulated why the June 4, 2008, murder of Travis Alexander was extremely cruel. They listened to testimony from medical examiner Kevin Horn, who explained that Jodi Arias didn't just make flesh wounds when she stabbed her lover 29 times, but that nerve endings were severed and she stabbed into bone.

It took two minutes from the beginning of the murderous attack until Travis Alexander died -- two minutes of slow, agonizing and painful death.

Juan Martinez stated, "Mr. Alexander suffered. Mr. Alexander suffered pain every time that knife went into his body, every time that knife blade stuck or
Travis Alexander suffered physical and mental pain
struck the back of his head and when the blade went down to his throat, it was certainly also extremely painful.

"In addition to that, we know that he was alive in the sense he was able to see, he was able to breathe, he was able to hear, so that he knew what was coming, forcing him to endure a horrific hardship, a horrific view of the world, mental anguish."

If there were any hope for Jodi Arias' life to be spared, it certainly wouldn't have come on May 15, 2013, after that grueling testimony, autopsy photos and demonstration of just how long those agonizing two minutes were.

Jodi Arias never spared Travis Alexander anything. She never had any mercy on him and still doesn't.

According to Jodi Arias, Travis Alexander owned the gun that she used to deliver a bullet to his head.

Travis Alexander did not own a gun, he did not have anything associated with gun ownership in his possession. There were no boxes of bullets, no gun holsters, absolutely nothing that would indicate he owned a gun.

If that weren't enough, Jodi Arias took the stand and lied about Travis Alexander, saying he was a pedophile.

According to Arias, she walked in and caught him masturbating to a picture of a young boy in underwear.

There was nothing found in Travis Alexander's home that would indicate he was a pedophile. Nothing was on his computer such as photos or images of young children in sexually suggestive photos and no child pornography  was found in his home.

Jodi Arias not only brutally murdered Travis Alexander and caused him physical and mental pain, anguish and hardship, she continues to murder his reputation by saying slanderous and wicked things about him.

You may watch the video below where Jodi Arias takes the stand in her own defense and seems unprepared for Juan "The Pitbull" Martinez.