New photos of Amanda Bynes wearing wig in court add to actress' bizarre behavior (videos)

On May 23, 2013, Amanda Bynes, 27,  was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment, tampering with physical evidence and criminal possession of marijuana after authorities say her apartment was filled with smoke and she threw a bong out her Manhattan apartment window, endangering the people below. According to reports, a building official spotted Bynes smoking marijuana in the lobby of her apartment building and notified authorities. The troubled actress was in her room when police arrived to investigate the report. Bynes let them into her room and they detected a strong odor of marijuana coming as well as a bong.  According to reports, Bynes quickly threw the bong out the
Amanda Bynes mugshot May 23, 2013
window and reportedly began babbling to the authorities.

Bynes was taken to the Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation but was subsequently released and appeared in court Friday morning to address the charges.

The judge scheduled a July court date for the actress who continues to attract attention for seemingly bizarre behaviors.

Bynes was seen wearing a long, platinum-blonde wig in the courtroom. She has taken two mugshots, one that revealed a shaved to closely-cropped hair cut and the other with the wig.

Known for frequently using the social media networking platform Twitter, Bynes followed the arrest with a tweet denying the charges.

Bynes also joked about her wig.

Check out the video from TMZ below.