Jury says they can't reach a verdict in Jodi Arias trial; Judge prods them on (videos)

On May 22, 2013, after several hours of jury deliberations, court resumed in the Jodi Arias trial as it was announced the jury could not reach a verdict regarding whether to sentence the convicted murderer to death or life in prison. Judge Stephens read a note presented by the jury, then suggested some points that
Jodi Arias appears in court on May 22, 2013
might help them come to a unanimous decision. The jury then left for another round of deliberations.

If the jury fails to reach a unanimous verdict for sentencing, the state could take death off the table. Arias could then face life in prison or life in prison with the possibility of parole.

The news brought tears to Travis Alexander's family that has faithfully stood by their loved one's side and returned to the courtroom everyday of the trial. Samantha Alexander, who delivered a heartbreaking victim's impact statement, immediately broke down and cried over the news.

There have been several live updates from the courthouse today as verdict watch continues.

What do you think is the best punishment for Jodi Arias? Is it death, life in prison or life with the possibility of parole?