Jodi Arias verdict: Donald Trump talks to Nancy Grace, says she's guilty (videos)

On May 6, 2013, financial entrepreneur and business tycoon Donald Trump spoke to Nancy Grace about his recent decision to let the world know he believes Jodi Arias is guilty. He's been Tweeting about Arias on his official Twitter account (along with other
celebrities) and like many, seems surprised that deliberations have taken a bit longer than expected.
Donald Trump at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo Credit Gage Skidmore)

Here is a transcript of Donald Trump's conversation with Nancy Grace, along with the HLN video from the show.

With me right now, a very special guest. Donald Trump is joining us, chairman and president of the Trump Organization, who got involved in the Arias case himself. Mr. Trump, thank you for being with us.

DONALD TRUMP, TRUMP ORGANIZATION (via telephone): Hi, Nancy.

GRACE: It`s great to hear your voice. I`m very interested in how you became so invested in the Arias trial. And you offered your own thoughts on the case, actually tweeting Arias she should take a deal.

Now, you`re the master of the deal. Give me your thoughts.

TRUMP: Well, it all began where -- first of all, it`s an amazingly vicious and crazy trial, and it certainly is interesting, I think, to anybody, including businesspeople like myself. It`s -- you know, whatever it may be, whether it`s -- we`re dealing with psychology, we`re dealing with a mess. And it certainly is interesting.

But as you know, a little while ago, it was reported that she was tweeting me or following me or both and following my tweets. And it was sort of interesting because I wasn`t tweeting about her until I found out about this. And then that became a big story, and I sort of -- I don`t know, I just got very interested in it. I watch it.

It`s somewhat of a travesty to have a person on the stand for many, many, many days. And I think she really loved being on the stand. I`m a judge of this stuff. But I actually think she loved it. And I find it to be an amazingly interesting case.

GRACE: You know, everyone, with me is Donald Trump. We are all taking your calls. He has actually learned that Arias has followed him and tweeted to him. And he tweeted back that Arias should take a deal.

Now, we all know Trump is the master of the deal. Why do you think Arias should take a deal? I doubt at this point, Mr. Trump, that anybody would even offer her a deal because -- you know, here`s the way it works. As you already know, you and I have discussed cases in the past, the prosecution may offer a deal at the beginning, basically, so as not to put the victims` families through such hell as a jury trial. But then once you prepare your case, you take it to a jury. You put up weeks of evidence, hundreds of exhibits, make your closing arguments. There`s no incentive for the prosecution to allow a deal at this point.

But what would you have suggested to her?

TRUMP: Well, I would have said make a deal to get out of the death penalty, for one. But I will tell you, with the jury being out so long, I`m a little surprised. It seemed to be to be a very obvious case. I mean, she`s guilty as hell. I mean, I don`t -- I can`t even conceive of what`s -- she lied numerous times. First, she didn`t do it, then she did it, then she doesn`t remember anything. I mean, you can only lie so many times. And she`s been out there so much.

And this would be a real travesty if something substantial didn`t happen here. But as you know -- and I think you may be surprised -- I`m not sure your attitude on that one, although I have been watching you, Nancy. But you may be surprised that the jury`s out this long. I would have thought it would have been a much faster decision than this. So maybe she knows something...

GRACE: That`s what I was...

TRUMP: ... we don`t know.

GRACE: ... just about to ask you. I was just about to ask you that. What is going on with the jury? I thought they seemed so grounded.

TRUMP: Well, I would have said that the jury would have been back fairly quickly with one -- and probably death penalty. I mean, you know, look, this was brutal, the extent of it, the shots, the many, many, many stab wounds, the cutting of the throat. I would have said that this would have been a very quick and very easy one.

But you look at other trials that have taken place, and whether it`s O.J. or others, and you know, you never really know how juries are going to come back.

I just was listening to your show and they were saying that there seems to be a little anxiety in the faces of some of the jurors, a little maybe anger at each other. That`s not a very good sign, I think, for the prosecution.

At the same time, I`ve been through many trials, fortunately not a murder trial, but I`ve been through many trials myself. I`ve had some where the jury comes back fast. That`s supposed to be good. And it`s not good. (INAUDIBLE) somewhere, Oh, gee, they`ve been out for weeks, and all of a sudden, they come back, and that was supposed to be bad. It turned out to be great.

So I`m not sure we can read too much into it. You understand that better than I do, Nancy. But I will say I am very surprised that they didn`t come back with a verdict.


GRACE: With me, an American icon, Donald Trump, who discovered that Jodi Arias is following him and tweeting him from behind bars. That`s what she`s doing. While we`re worried about the verdict and the victim, Travis Alexander, she`s tweeting and following Donald Trump. And he tweets back, "If you`re listening, Jodi, make a deal. The government should not -- no jury could be dumb enough to let her off, but you never know. Look at O.J. and others.

With me, Donald Trump. Mr. Trump, what was your thinking when you tweeted her?

TRUMP: Well, I was just responding to all the reports that she follows what I tweet and my tweets. And you know, frankly, I just again found it really very interesting. Also interesting. in addition to the things I said before, Nancy, are the memory problems. She`s got these incredible memory problems, and yet she remembers everything else. She`s remembering all of these facts, but she doesn`t remember the actual event. I mean, it`s, like, give me a break. It was just -- it`s so ridiculous. The whole thing is ridiculous.

But again, the jury is out for a long time. And that does not, I don`t think, bode very well for the prosecution, but you never really know.