Jodi Arias trial: Verdict watch continues as jury deliberates for fourth day

Donald Trump thought the jury would return with a quick guilty verdict to the first-degree murder charge that is subject to the death penalty. He isn't alone with that thoughts as many view the jury's ongoing deliberations as surprising. Today, May 8, 2013, marks day four of jury deliberations in the murder of Travis
Jodi Arias testifies on her behalf Feb. 13, 2013. 
Alexander. Many find this a slam-dunk case and with deliberations continuing, some fear Arias may have endeared herself to at least one, causing a hung jury. As of Wednesday morning, the Jodi Arias jury deliberated 13 1/2 hours.

Jodi Arias previously told Inside Edition, "No jury will convict me. I'm innocent." Do you think her words will come true or haunt her?

Are you following the Jodi Arias trial and jury deliberations? Did you expect it to be quick, such as less than four hours as in the O.J. Simpson murder trial?

Here are some other notable trials and their time frames for jury deliberations.

Famous Trials and Jury Deliberations

  • Casey Anthony Trial: Jury Deliberations 10 hours and 40 minutes (acquitted)
  • O.J. Simpson Trial: Jury Deliberations were less than four hours (acquitted)
  • Robert Blake Trial: Jury Deliberations spanned nine days and comprised a total of 35 hours (acquitted)
  • Scott Peterson Trial: Jury Deliberations spanned one week (guilty of first and second degree murder)
  • Erik and Lyle Menendez Trial: Jury Deliberations spanned four days (guilty of two counts of first degree murder each)
  • Steven Hayes Trial: Jury Deliberations lasted four hours (guilty of multiple counts in murder of Petit family)