Jodi Arias trial verdict watch update

On May 6, 2013, the jurors in the Jodi Arias trial returned for their second day of deliberations where they will decide the fate of the young woman accused of murdering her lover Travis Alexander.

The trial began on Jan. 2, 2013, and the state of Arizona led by prosecutor Juan Martinez alleged that on June 4, 2008, Jodi Arias executed a plan she developed and premeditated where she left her home in Yreka, California, visited ex-boyfriends on her journey, then made a fateful stop in Mesa, Arizona where she first had sex with Travis Alexander, took naked photos of him, photographed him in the shower, then slit his throat, stabbed him in the chest and back and finally here.
shot him in the head. Those who haven't followed the Jodi Arias trial and would like to catch up on the case may do so

Jodi Arias is represented by Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott who say that Jodi Arias definitely killed Travis Alexander, but not out of premeditation but in self-defense. In a Twitter account that is said to be operated by Jodi Arias through her supporters, there have been numerous references to domestic violence victims. Jodi Arias claims that Travis Alexander repeatedly belittled, assaulted, and emotionally abused her. You may see an example of one of these tweets below.

CBS Crimesider referred to the Jodi Arias trial as a "real life soap opera spectacle" and we're sure not many would disagree with that description. From the day Jodi Arias entered the courtroom to current jury deliberations, the case has been steeped in secret love affairs, stalking, violent behaviors and murder.

Part of the trial's allure is Jodi Arias herself. Both Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander were good-looking people. In fact, if things had been different between the two, they would have looked the part of the "All-American" couple, their good looks could have easily cast them on a soap opera as the new "hot" couple. Travis Alexander was full of energy, charisma and a motivational speaker. Jodi Arias looked the part of the vivacious, beautiful blonde who had a gift for singing and was a talented photographer. She was skilled in the fine arts.
The prosecution alleges; however, that underneath Jodi Arias' beautiful facade lurked an evil, psychotic monster who stalked her ex-boyfriends and could never let them go.

Does the fact that she visited three ex-boyfriends and murdered the one who had only weeks before let her know he felt she was evil show that Jodi Arias truly couldn't let a relationship end?

The mystery deepened when it was learned that Travis Alexander slept with Jodi Arias before his death. He had told friends he was afraid of her, that she stalked him. Yet, she was able to lure him into bed. When you realize that Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander were Mormons while conducting this sexual relationship, there is more drama added to the case and the attraction by onlookers is high.

Regardless the sex, drama, lies, nude photographs and what may or may not have happened between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander throughout their relationship, is the fact that Jodi Arias didn't just kill Travis Alexander, but she butchered him. Slaughtered may actually be the best way to describe what she did.

The level of violence displayed in Travis Alexander's dead body makes the idea of self-defense virtually laughable. It is beyond "Burning Bed" violence and since Jodi Arias moved away, then returned to Travis Alexander by her own free will, the idea she was being abused by him seems ludicrous.

In domestic violence situations, it is the abuser who stalks the victim, it is the abuser who returns uninvited into a home, it is the abuser who repeatedly calls, sends messages and refused to let the victim go.

Did Travis Alexander leave Mesa, Arizona and travel to Yreka, California to stalk Jodi Arias, abuse her and control her?

HLN has compiled a list of the jurors who now have Jodi Arias' fate in their hands. You may read that here: Meet the Jurors who will Decide Jodi Arias' Fate. The trial is currently on verdict watch and the verdict may come in at any moment.

HLN also conducted a poll regarding what charge the jury will ultimately convict Jodi Arias of. The choices include first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and not guilty. More than 90% believe Jodi Arias will be convicted of first-degree murder. Only 1% believe Jodi Arias will be acquitted or found not-guilty.