Jodi Arias trial update: Watch defense closing arguments, rebuttal (videos)

Jodi Arias watches as criminal defense attorney Kirk Nurmi tries to save his client's life.
On May 3, 2013, the jury finally got the Jodi Arias trial where they will ultimately decide the woman's fate. Jodi Arias is charged with the June 4, 2008, murder of her lover Travis Alexander. The state of Arizona has sought first-degree murder charges with a possible death penalty sentence, the defense has  closing argument on May 2, 2013, and on Friday, Arias returned to court for her last chance at freedom.
succeeded in having the lesser charge of manslaughter added to the case for jury consideration. Arizona prosecutor Juan Martinez delivered a slam-dunk,

Arias' demeanor was noticeably different from testimony on Thursday and Friday. While Juan Martinez demonstrated that Jodi Arias premeditated the savage and gruesome murder of Travis Alexander, Arias was seen with her hands covering her face as she cried. In fact, the entire courtroom was in tears as hideous photos of the terrible wounds Travis Alexander suffered were displayed. Travis Alexander's family continued to cry. It is unclear what was worse for them to endure; Juan Martinez' demonstration that their brother was brutally murdered for no reason, or Jodi Arias' criminal defense attorney Kirk Nurmi's attack on Travis Alexander's character by calling him a pedophile and abuser.

You may watch the full video of the Jodi Arias trial defense closing arguments with rebuttal by Juan Martinez in the video player below.

Who do you think was better with closing arguments? Do you think Juan Martinez was victorious or did Kirk Nurmi bring up enough reasonable doubt that the jury might return a lesser verdict?