Jodi Arias trial update: Jury goes to sleep listening to Dr. Geffner's life story (photos, videos)

Did I already say how incredibly boring Dr. Geffner's testimony has become? Maybe Jodi Arias could stand on her head or sing a Christmas carol or something to liven things up a bit? Nothing like a murderer singing about the birth of Christ to get your attention, right?

Oh my gosh, I just looked at the Jodi Arias live trial and saw Arias herself slouch in her seat and put her head on her hand. Even she's ready to pass out.

I'm so sorry that Travis Alexander's family has to be exposed to this circus. Any more clowns coming to entertain today? Sometimes I do feel that there's an elephant in the know..the proverbial elephant that no one wants to talk about...oh's Travis Alexander!

I've had enough of listening to Jodi Arias' psychological disorders. The woman slit Travis Alexander's throat in cold blood.

I really don't need to hear any more.

From this picture...neither does the jury!

(Yes, this photo is sarcasm)