Jodi Arias trial update: Another witness after Dr. Geffner, will this ever end?

Well, the Jodi Arias trial is SUPPOSED to wind down today. Meaning, after the defense rested, they decided that Juan Martinez' witness Janeen DeMarte presented such damming testimony against Jodi Arias' psychological problems (basically, that she has Borderline Personality Disorder putting her in company with the majority of female serial killers) that they needed to call another witness to rebut the testimony of DeMarte.

Enter Dr. Robert Geffner, who held up the trial so that he could make it on May 1, 2013. The plan is that he finishes testifying today, the jury gets instructions then closing arguments begin tomorrow (May 2, 2013).

Now, we have learned that Juan Martinez (even though the state has rested), is going to call another final witness (yeah, you got it...he's going to rebut the rebuttal witness the defense called to rebut Janeen DeMarte who rebutted the testimony of Alyce LaViolette) pheww..I'm glad you're following this. So, after Dr. Geffner testifies, Juan Martinez will call Dr. Jill Hayes to rebut.

Anyone noticing a pattern here?

Since Jennifer Willmott is dragging every detail from Dr. Geffner's early childhood (okay, I'm exaggerating), but she is really prolonging this, I seriously doubt this is going to end today.

Are you following this?