Jodi Arias Trial: Jury foreman says he believes Travis Alexander mentally and verbally abused her (videos)

On May 24, 2013, the jury foreman for the Jodi Arias trial spoke to Good Morning America about the verdict, Jodi Arias' 18 days on the stand and his belief that Travis Alexander mentally and verbally abused her. The jury convicted Arias of first-degree murder for the June 4, 2008, death of Travis Alexander but were deadlocked when it came to deciding whether Arias should live or die. William
Jury foreman says Arias' 18 days on stand hurt her
Zervakos stated that though he believed Travis Alexander did mentally and verbally abuse Arias, it was no excuse for what she did to him.

The news might be surprising to some who felt the guilty verdict indicated the defense's case was unconvincing. Zervakos stated, "I’m very sure in my own mind that she was mentally and verbally abused. Does that factor in the decisions we [the jury] make? It has to."

While Zervakos may have believed there was some abuse going on, he didn't find Jodi Arias' marathon 18-days of testimony helped her case.

He stated, "I think 18 days hurt her. I think she was not a good witness...I think the way the prosecutor was with her, he's known for an aggressive style. I think it'd be difficult for anybody. I don't think I want to sit on the stand for 18 days.

"We're charged with going in presuming innocence, right, but she was on the stand for so long. I don't think it did her any good. There were so many contradicting stories."

The Jodi Arias trial will resume on July 18, 2013, as a new jury must be selected in order to complete the penalty phase portion of the case.