Jodi Arias revives Twitter account, talks God and money (videos)

Jodi Arias may go down in history as the first convicted murderer to use social media networking throughout her trial. Arias has an official twitter account that is reportedly operated by her friend Donovan Bering. The account went down after Arias' first-degree murder conviction, but has been revived. Some of Jodi Arias' latest tweets are mind-boggling and offensive, to say the least.

Arias has allegedly used the account to make personal attacks against individuals such as HLN's Nancy Grace. In one tweet, she allegedly stated that she gave the middle finger during a court proceeding to the HLN host. Arias often points the public in the direction of her latest art sales and gives advice how they can avoid being scammed when purchasing her items.

After learning she was eligible for the death penalty, a new tweet appeared on the Jodi Arias twitter account. It reads as follows:

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I have to take issue with this tweet. First, I get the impression that Jodi Arias is not including herself in the "proud, selfish, arrogant and wicked" but rather thinks these adjectives applicably describe others around her.

If, however, by some slight miracle, Arias is referring to herself as proud, selfish, arrogant and wicked (as most of us agree she should), she would have to understand that God does not LOVE people in this state. He never LOVES people who choose to remain wicked.

That is the entire concept of salvation, repentance, regeneration and having a new life with Christ, and why the concept of sin, hell and eternal separation from God exists in the first place.

Whenever Jesus approached someone in sin, he ALWAYS said, "Go and sin no more!" John 8:11.

So, just what in the world is Jodi Arias saying here?

If, Jodi Arias, you believe you are proud, selfish, arrogant and evil and want to experience God's love, you will have to begin by repenting. You will have to stop lying. You will have to beg for forgiveness from Travis Alexander's family and actually mean it.

You do not get a free pass to be wicked and bask in God's love.

That's against every Christian principle ever espoused since Christ walked the earth.


Jodi Arias is not only a murderer and master manipulator, but she loves to manipulate religious truth as well.

Here are several of Jodi Arias' Twitters regarding money and donations to her cause.