Jodi Arias regrets not getting a plea deal (videos)

On May 8, 2013, Jodi Arias spoke to Fox News' Troy Hayden immediately following her guilty verdict and during the approximately 45-minute long interview, she expressed that she had some regrets because she wanted to take a plea deal. Despite being found guilty of first-degree murder, Jodi Arias continued to say she never premeditated the June 4, 2008, murder of Travis Alexander, and
Does Jodi Arias regret murdering Travis Alexander?
continued to hold fast to her claims she is a domestic abuse victim.

She also stated that she wanted a plea.

"There`s a lot of regret because I was really hoping to get a plea," Jodi Arias told Troy Hayden. When he asked if she would do things differently, Arias stated that she would have gone straight to the police, and she regrets trying to cover up the murder.

Troy Hayden asked, "If you had to do this all over again, you`re in the desert, you notice that you have blood on your hands, how do you handle it?"

Jodi Arias replied, "I would turn around and drive to the Mesa Police Department. I would never harm him physically. I may have hurt him emotionally, and I`ll always regret that."

She did seem to get a bit teary eyed when discussing the possibility of spending the rest of her years in prison, but she never specifically stated that she regretted stabbing Travis Alexander 29 times, slicing his throat from ear to ear or shooting him in the head. Additionally, Arias never addressed Travis Alexander's family directly and offered them an apology for killing their loved one.

On May 15, 2013, Jodi Arias returns to the Maricopa Superior Courthouse where she will face the next stage of her first-degree murder trial: aggravation phase. Should the jury determine that Travis Alexander suffered fear and pain in the final moments of his death, Arias could receive the death penalty.

Do you think Jodi Arias regrets murdering Travis Alexander? You may watch the full interview with Troy Hayden in the video player below. Watch the videos in the link above to watch the Jodi Arias trial, aggravation phase live, beginning at 12 pm, May 15, 2013.