Jodi Arias grants more interviews on May 21, 2013, verdict watch on death penalty continues (videos)

Well, it seems nothing can keep Jodi Arias from starring in her own reality television series. Judge Stephens ordered Arias away from the bright lights and cameras last week, but lifted the ban so that Arias could publicly speak following her testimony before the jury. Arias gave a succession of joint interviews on May 21, 2013, following her 19 minutes of speaking before the jury when she asked
them to spare her life so she could sell domestic violence awareness tee-shirts, overhaul the Arizona prison's recycling program and teach poor, uneducated prisoners to read, discuss books and speak Spanish.
Jodi Arias is ready to meet her maker, though it won't happen for a long time

The main question of the day is, "Does Jodi Arias' life still have value?" It was stated several times by Arias' most likable attorney Jennifer Willmott, but it will ultimately be for the jury to decide as verdict watch continues.

Personally, I think the question isn't the best as it makes me think, well -- what you are really asking is whether Jodi Arias' life is more valuable than Travis Alexander's. At least, that's what I would have said to the jury in closing arguments if I were in Juan Martinez' shoes.

I don't think anyone would say Jodi Arias' life is more valuable than Travis Alexander's.

Travis Alexander isn't here to sell tee-shirts, implement new community awareness programs or finish his book. Should Jodi Arias really be given the opportunity to continue "bettering" society (or at least her portion of the prison system) while Travis Alexander rots in the grave?

Another thing that really got me...not only did Jodi Arias throw her family under the bus with her "abuse" she then used them as the sole reason why she should be saved from death.

What is it Arias? Does your family love you or hate you? She sure looked pitiful with no one coming to her defense to say how terribly abused she was growing up. I would have liked to have heard someone in her family actually say they want her to live, because honestly, I'm really not sure that they will be devastated if she's put to death.

I don't mean to be harsh, but the girl has been locked away for five years, she never shows them any love or emotion in the courtroom, and not one of them spoke on her behalf. Not her baby sister or brother who could have easily plead for MERCY for their sister before the court. Instead, they sat their stoically.

There is only one possibility that I could accept for that silence -- if Jodi Arias is actually being truthful about the abuse.

Is it possible there is serious dysfunction and abuse in her family and the father ordered that no one could speak on her behalf?

Well, that is the only thing that would make sense to me.

But when it all comes down to it, Jodi Arias seems heartless, evil, a psychopath, narcissistic... need I go on? If by any slim chance, she isn't any of these, she did a pitiful attempt portraying it to the jury.

And what about her interviews...pheww...where would Jodi Arias be today if it were not for her multiple media interviews in which she had lied and made statements that repeatedly come back to bite her during trial.

You can rest assured these interviews will come back to haunt her appellate phase as well.

So, we have multiple Jodi Arias interviews from May 21, 2013, for you to glean over. Check them out in the playlist below.