Jodi Arias' ex-boyfriend Darryl Brewer says what he wanted to in court (videos)

Does Darryl Brewer feel guilty for the demise of his relationship with Jodi Arias? She immediately went to Travis Alexander, and it appears that he is the only one who is truly standing by her side through all of this. Of course Arias has other
Jodi Arias Testifies on her own Behalf
supporters, but as an ex-boyfriend, Brewer seems to believe there was something sweet and special about the convicted murderer who slit her lover's throat from ear to ear, stabbed him 29 times and shot him in the head.

It seems clear that the dynamics between Jodi Arias and Darryl Brewer were much different from her relationship with Travis Alexander. Brewer and Arias owned a home together and she spent time with Brewer's then five-year-old son from a previous marriage. For most who've watched this case
Darryl Brewer wanted to testify during the penalty phase
unfold in the media since Jan. 2, 2013, the idea of Jodi Arias spending any alone time with a 5-year-old sends chills up and down the spine, but not with Brewer. He never saw a hint of the murderous woman who slaughtered Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008, after allegedly tormenting him through stalking, possessive behaviors.

Darryl Brewer was set to take the stand on May 20, 2013, as a mitigation, character witness for Jodi Arias but never had the chance to speak.

It appears that Kirk Nurmi was so upset that the motion for mistrial was denied that he refused to call additional witnesses to the stand.