Jodi Arias' defense attorneys tried to get removed from case (videos)

One can safely assume that when defense attorney Kirk Nurmi stated during closing arguments that he didn't like his client Jodi Arias he was telling the truth. At the moment Arias needed her defense attorneys most, they had filed motions to be removed from her case.

On May 16, 2013, it was discovered that immediately following Jodi Arias' guilt conviction of first-degree murder and subsequent interview with Fox 10 Phoenix,
Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott filed motions to be removed from the case. Judge Sherry Stephens reportedly denied them.

I'm Jodi Arias. I know you like me, everyone likes me. You better like me or else.
It's unclear; however, whether this is some sort of ploy to try and save Jodi Arias' life or if they are genuinely sick and tired of their client. Many legal experts weighed in on Arias' shocking interview and referred it as nothing more than a total sabotage for her defense.

Did Jodi Arias go ahead against the advice of her attorneys and grant the interview? Is it possible her attorneys hoped they could be removed from her case, new counsel would be brought in and Arias wouldn't be found guilty of using extreme cruelty in the June 4, 2008, murder of Travis Alexander?

Maybe they hope that a future appeal would be granted on the basis of ineffectual counsel.

Whatever the reason, motive or plan it backfired. Judge Stephens denied the motion.